Betsy DeVos: Changing Lives Through Choices

A child does not choose where to be born. It is therefore not fair for them to miss out on quality education due to their area code. Betsy DeVos feels strongly about good education regardless of zip code. When Betsy and her husband, Dick DeVos, had school going children, they came across many parents who struggled to keep their children in good schools. They noted that the public education system almost always failed. The parents had the means to send their children to excellent schools with a safe and conducive environment for learning, but some parents did not.

This ate at them until they sought to do something about the situation. The DeVos’ sponsored several students at Potter’s House Christian School. This was the beginning of significant educational reform. Betsy DeVos has been a force for change in the education sector for close to three decades and has been mentoring public school going students in Michigan for nearly fifteen years.

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Beginning of Progress

In 1990, when her husband Dick was elected to the State Board of Education, Betsy started a scholarship fund for low-income families. She quickly realized that this, while advantageous to the community, was not going to address the real issue. It is then that she opted to lobby for educational choice on a larger scale. She got involved in the Educational Choice movement. In 1993, Betsy DeVos and her husband were politically involved in passing Michigan’s first charter school bill. Campaigns for constitutional amendments were unsuccessful but from this arose the American Federation for Children, which is a national initiative.

Betsy’s Observation

Betsy considers Florida the most successful in this cause. Currently, 50,000 students are attending a school of their families’ choice through the tax-credit scholarship program, and the number is ever growing. She is not opposed to other education alternatives like home schooling and charter schools. Mrs. DeVos believes that the internet will at some point be very influential in the education sector. Since she embarked on her journey to advocate for the right to quality education and speak for parents, educational choices are now available to 250,000 students in 33 schools and 17 states in the District of Columbia. Her support for Porter’s House has not wavered either. Visit to know more about their foundation.

The DeVos’ Philanthropic Initiatives

The DeVos family fortune of $5.4 Billion earned them the 88th slot on Forbes richest families list in 2016. Betsy DeVos is the eleventh United States Secretary of Education. She has indeed used her immense powers for good and continues to. Her dream in life is to ensure all parents choose the best education setting for their children and all students fulfill their God-given potential. Her unrivaled zeal in impacting the society is also on another level.