Betsy DeVos: For Politics, Business, and Philanthropic Success

59 years ago in the small town of Holland in Michigan, Betsy DeVos was born to billionaire parents who had originated from Holland, Europe. She was later to fall in love with politics, philanthropy, and above all, fell in love with Christianity and the church. Betsy spent most of her childhood days with her parents in Chicago where she attended the Christian Reformed Church. As a consequence of that Godly upbringing, Betsy currently volunteers as an elder for her current church, the Mars Hill Bible Church. Back to her early days in Holland, Betsy enrolled for her high school education and completed her studies at Holland Christian High School. Upon completing high school, her parents allowed her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business economics from Calvin College also in Michigan. Before she graduated in 1979, Betsy had taken a keen interest in college politics as well as in national politics, and that was the point where she delved into Republican Party politics. Betsy DeVos fell in love with Dick DeVos, a billionaire businessman and a staunch Republican, whom she later married. The couple involves itself in political and charitable giving in Holland and Grand Rapids among other parts of American. They are parents to four kids, a couple of girls and couple of boys.


Improving Education


Betsy DeVos and her husband invest heavily in helping kids from poor American homes to access quality education. They are lauded across the country for having greatly influenced reforms in the American education sector, particularly in fighting for equality for all kids; this could be the reason why President Donald Trump saw it wise to appoint Betsy in his cabinet earlier this year and entrusted her with the sensitive education docket. As the U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy has been mandated with the responsibility of making American education great as per Trump’s pre-election pledges. According to Betsy, all American kids should be given equal opportunities to become the best that they could be in life. In conjunction with her husband, she manages and funds the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation supports noble community empowerment program, including those organized by churches and hospitals. It supports Christian schools. To this end, the Foundation has made charitable donations in excess of a billion dollars.



Betsy & Politics


In politics, Dick and Betsy make contributions towards strengthening the Republican Party. During President George Bush’s presidential campaigns in 2004, the DeVoses made contributions to the tune of $150 million. After Bush won, Betsy was awarded the National Republican Senatorial Committee position. President Bush also supported Dick DeVos in one of his gubernatorial campaigns. In the run up to last year’s presidential poll, the DeVoses had their reservations in regards to Donald Trump’s candidature but eventually resolved to support him.


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