How Is George Soros Making A Comeback?

George Soros has been reported by Politico as making a comeback in many different ways. He is working on a number of projects around the world, and he believes that each project he does is changing the world for the better. He is working with progressives who give to his Open Society Foundation, and this article shows how he is railing against conservative ideals. Read his profile at Forbes.

#1: What Is The Purpose Of The Open Society Foundation?

George has been working around the world for years on a number of projects that are changing lives for those who live in oppressive climates. Someone who lives in Russia has been put under immense pressure by an oppressive government, and the Open Society Foundation has started offices in Russia to help people who think in the progressive way. The people who have given money to what George does are a part of his comeback in American politics, and they are moving quickly after the recent Presidential election.

#2: How Is He Giving Money To The Progressive Agenda?

Progressives who are donating to the progressive agenda in America also give to the Open Society Foundation, and they have met with George to ensure that they may give to progressive causes in America that are worth their while. The people who are giving money to what George believes in are backing up a lovely cause that will help keep society open to all.

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#3: George’s Background

George has a background in business that goes back to currency speculation, and he has made billions that he often gives away to people that he believes are worth it. He wants to see the people of the world given money and resources that will make their lives better, and he is a holocaust survivor who knows that oppressing people will not give make the world a better place to live. George has a number of different people partners who understand his sensibilities, and he does not wish to see the world go back to the ways that were a part of his youth.

#4: George Offers Financial Predictions

Predictions are often a part of what George Soros tells the world, and he thinks over a number of things that look apparent to him in the world today. He shares the information that he finds with the public, and he wishes to show the people of the world how the economy may shift under them.

George Soros is making a comeback in the political world, and he is fighting around the world to make it safer for all to live. His Open Society Foundation is fighting against oppression around the world, and he will continue to do so for as long as possible.

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