John Goullet – Principal of DIVERSANT, LLC

Mr. John Goullet is the current president of Diversant, LLC. He is the founder of Info Technologies Company. He also served as the CEO of the company since its inception in 1994. In the recent past, he has served in many capacities an IT specialist. He has worked as an IT staffing account executive and an IT Consultant. He worked at different Information Technology companies before founding Info Technologies. He focused the company on understanding the IT staffing needs and the corporate staffing climate. For this reason, he gained an in-depth understanding of the special needs most of the Fortune 500 companies in the country. He is also the current Chairman of Diversant, LLC. According to the Forbes magazine the company was listed on the fastest growing forms in the United States.

Where did the Diversant Idea emanate?
The idea of having an Information Technology company and Diversant, which works to provide IT staffing solutions, came to me at 24. For more than 22 years, I have been in active business and entrepreneurship events.  However, I have enough to run an Information Technology company. My previous positions as an IT Consultant explains it all.

How do you make your day productive?
Most of my days start with a moment at the gym. In the recent past, I have made it my goal to keep fit. For this reason, the gym is one of my daily bread. My day spans 12 hours of productive business and entrepreneurship engagements. I leave the office at six unless I have an early dinner meeting.

How your ideas come to life?
You come up with ideas through reading and brainstorming.  Therefore, most of my ideas come from reading Information Technology news. Because the United States colleges and Universities graduate students with IT, I find a way to tap this information from the brilliant minds. We look at the demand and solve the problem imminently.

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