New Cleansing Conditioners That Bring Great Results

Cleansing Conditioners by WENWhat’s new in the hair care world these days? One of the breakthroughs in hair care products is the concept of cleansing conditioners. While in times past most people who wanted clean and luxurious feeling hair would go through a multi-step process of shampooing and then conditioning their hair, today the cleansing conditioner presents a new strategy.

A New Way to Treat Hair

The idea of a good cleansing conditioner is to gently clean the hair while also leaving it soft and manageable, all in one step, with one good product. There are many new cleansing conditioners on the market these days, and many users are getting great results.

Wen by Chaz

Hair stylist Chaz Dean has a product line called Wen that offers some great choices in cleansing conditioners for different hair types. Dean developed these products after he heard many of his salon clients expressing a wish for a one-step shampoo that would also condition their hair. Dean developed the Wen line using all natural ingredients, and the result is a cleansing conditioner that is fresh and effective.

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Choices in Scents

The Wen product line has an incredibly fresh feel, with cleansing conditioners that come in scents that range from Fig (formulated to heal over-stressed hair) to Winter Vanilla Mint (good for all hair types) to Lavender (a body booster). Other scents include Fall Apple Spice (detergent free), Winter White Citrus (full of antioxidants, limited edition) and Pomegranate (for all hair types). The scent of these cleansers alone is enough to make any user a lifer!

It is also recommended that users apply a full palm full of product with every wash. Many women who use Wen by Chaz cleansers regularly are reporting that they are experiencing incredible results, with hair that is silky and radiant.

So, if you are tired of your regular hair care routine, think about switching it up with a cleansing conditioner, like one of the sweet smelling and great feeling products from Wen by Chaz line.

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