Paul Herdsman Is Not The Only One In His Business

Paul Herdsman was born in Kingston, Jamaica but never had any experience recruiting and training employees in his birthplace. In 2014, he founded NICE Global, which is a nearshore business solutions company in Montego Bay, Jamaica. A nearshore business operates with clients nearby, whereas an offshore industry interacts with clients from far off. The offshore model can get complicated which is why Herdsman chose to bring his services to one place.


NICE Global helps companies preserve consumers and expand profits by offering customer service outsourcing and technical support. They also contribute to company sales by providing cross-selling and upselling services as well as help in lowering overhead costs. They even provide the resource that so many customers complain about which is a human telephone operator. Many people lament about getting a machine that cannot answer their questions or understand their concerns, but NICE Global puts an end to this grief by cooperating with businesses and their customers’ demands.


Paul Herdsman is the smart Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global. Herdsman’s number one goal in business is to retain employees and to create a familial environment. He says that good company trains employees adequately and rewards them based on performance indicators that calculate what grows the company forward instead of just focusing on menial tasks. Visit This Page for additional information.


He also suggests that each department become familiar with each other’s duties to ensure unity and respect amongst coworkers. Lastly, Herdsman has a referral program in place to find top talent and allow himself to let go of the reigns a little bit.


Throughout a successful career Paul Herdsman has developed a plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses in the article “12 Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs”.



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