Roberto Santiago Takes On a Huge Task of Managing Manaira Shopping

Managing a mall can be a really big task. In the case of Manaira Shopping, Roberto Santiago has a ton of work cut out for him. For one thing, Manaira Shopping is one of the largest shopping malls. Beside the size factor, there are a ton of different shops and activities for people to get involved in. Therefore, this mall has a lot of maintenance that needs to be done with it. After all, people can get really messy as they get involved in their activities at the mall. Then there are other occurrences such as broken equipment and major spills. Visit to read more.

Fortunately, Roberto Santiago has proven that he is up to the task of making sure that people get the best experience possible with Manaira Shopping Mall. Aside from all of the different types of shops that he has encouraged to open up in his mall. For one thing, he has shown that he is very thoughtful about the overall experience and the types of customers he wants. So he took a look at each business that wanted to open up at the mall. When it met his goals for providing customers with unique experiences, then he approved the rental.

Roberto Santiago has wanted to make sure that every business had something to offer other than low prices. When he has looked at a fashion retailer, he wanted to make sure that there is something very unique in the products. He was not interested in allowing a clothing shop to open up that had basically the same products as others. He wanted to make sure that it was unique enough to bring in customers. One thing that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is big enough for is niche shops. When there is a huge and diverse crowd with the mall, then the mall gets a reputation as an inclusive and welcoming establishment.

Perhaps one thing that makes Manaira Mall work very well is that it has a ton of different fun activities that don’t clash with each other. Often times, people can go shopping for clothes to go to a concert when they are at the mall. Read more on