Sawyer Howitt – Project Manager and Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is a 17 year old entrepreneur who has focused his studies on internships, business and finance. He is a high school senior who is very active in the community. He also holds the position as a Project Manager at Meriwether Group, a financial and business company focused on entrepreneurs. His father, David Howitt, is the founder and CEO of the company. Although Sawyer is young, he understands the importance of how businesses should run and he knows how to connect with each consumer. His experience and diversity among the industry has made him successful in his many endeavors.

Sawyer Howitt’s most recent project involves the education and research on a significant piece of technology called RFID. RFID is a type of software that will help eliminate the frustrating process of checking out with your retail items. Instead of waiting in long check out lines or dealing with cash register issues, you can elect to utilize the new RFID technology and skip the process. It will automatically charge your card with the purchases you choose to buy. He is working on this project through Meriwether Group, and hopes to have a finalized date of operation soon.

When he isn’t working on his entrepreneurial skills, he is playing a great game of racquetball or working with different philanthropy organizations like education programs and the troubled youth. He will graduate from high school soon, and plans to attend the University of California. He plans to study his passion for Entrepreneurial Finance and has chosen to pursue a degree in that field.


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