Securus Knows the Value of the Holidays

Securus is a prison technology company. They work to provide solutions for prisoners and prisons so that they will be able to get what they need out of the different things that they have. This is something that is important for them so that they will be able to do different things. Securus works to offer technology when it comes to communication and even commissary in the jail. They have made it a point to fill jails around the country with their kiosks so that prisoners can do the communication that they need to be able to survive while in prison.


Video visits are one of the biggest components when it comes to the Securus kiosks. Prisoners are able to communicate with their loved ones and video chat just like they were on a computer at home, with some restrictions of course. They are able to do this when their loved ones are unable to come to see them depending on the different situations that they are in.


When it comes to the holidays, Securus knows that it is a special time even for people who are incarcerated. They also recognize that there is a great deal of value in families being able to connect over the holidays. Some families simply cannot come to see their loved ones who are in prison even if it is the holidays. They must be able to see the people some other way if they are not actually visiting them. This is where the holiday video visitations come into play for the people who are in prison and who have Securus Technologies available to them.



Another benefit that comes with video visitation is the benefit that it has for the staff of the prison. With regular visitation, the staff must be present. They do not need to be there when the people are video chatting because there is not a great deal of risk to the other prisoners since they are just on video. This helps to save the jail money and can help to protect the safety of the other inmates as well as the safety of all of the people who work in the jail and even the people who visit the jail.


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