Securus Technologies offers its Wireless Containment Solution to more Clients

Securus Technologies is a renowned North American company that has specialized in providing technology products for organizations in the civil and criminal justice sector. Its services are used by correctional institutions in investigations, ensuring public safety, monitoring and corrections. About 3450 law enforcement facilities in the United States use Securus Technologies’ products. The technology firm has announced that that it has installed its Wireless Containment Solution to another correctional facility.


The newly installed system is currently active at the prison, and its will be assisting in ensuring the security of both the inmates and the public. The Wireless Containment Solution was created by Securus Technologies to eliminate the use of contraband communication gadgets in prisons. The product functions by blocking the mobile phones that are illegally owned by prisoners from connecting to the public network. The WCS does not only bar the contraband gadgets from communicating, but it also detects and traces their electronic identity. The administrators of the correctional facility can, therefore, confiscate the cell phones from the prisoners.


Securus’ CEO, Richard A. Smith, acknowledged the agencies that have adopted the new technology and he believes that they will be able to stop illegal communication of inmates and the outside world. He said that that the company and its employees have been striving to implement the state-of-the-art technology in more prisons. Smith believes that this will significantly enhance security.


The technology sector has several companies have been trying to develop a product that is similar to the Wireless Containment Solution, but they have not accomplished this yet. They do not have the required technology and skill to develop a security solution that can match the WCS. The best product that they have created is used for detecting signals from the illegal communication devices, but it cannot prevent them from making calls. These systems are not efficient, and therefore, they cannot eliminate the security risk that is posed by the inmates communicating illegally with the outside world.


The Wireless Containment Solution also manages network connection in the controlled areas of the correctional facility. It only allows authorized mobile phones to access the network. The product is highly flexible, and it can be modified to suits the needs of various correctional facilities. Removing the illegal communication devices will prevent the inmates from committing more criminal activities while they are still jailed. This will ensure security inside and outside the correctional facility.