The History Behind EOS Lip Balm and What Makes It Great

Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra are the two geniuses behind one of the leading lip balm companies in the nation. This is a little business called EOS, and you’ve likely heard of it. The acronym stands for Evolution of Smooth, and you can see this evolutionary process in action every time you slide an EOS lip balm across your lips.

How EOS Appealed to Millennials

Millennials are young adults aged 18 to 35. Right away, Teller and Mehra knew that this generation was a gold mine for marketing. After all, millennials spend several billion dollars on products each year.

In order to market to millennials, Teller and Mehra took a subset of this generation and targeted them directly. This subset was females between the ages of 25 and 35. They wanted to especially target trend setters and style icons.

One of the ways that they did this was to talk directly to the top beauty bloggers and vloggers on the Internet. They gave these bloggers and vloggers a few EOS lip balms for free in exchange for an honest review online. They believed in their product, so they were confident that the bloggers and vloggers would be positive about EOS lip balms.

Fortunately, their confidence paid off. The Internet went crazy for EOS lip balms, and drugstores and markets like Walgreens began to sell them as well. Soon, Teller and Mehra started to see profits rolling in.

Check Out EOS Lip Balms for Yourself

If you’ve been looking to cure your own dry lips, EOS lip balms are the answer. Not only are these balms cute and easy to carry, they have nourishing vitamins and minerals inside to hydrate perpetually dry lips and freshen your breath with tasty flavors as well. Check them out online (, at your local Ulta or grocery store or pharmacy.

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