The Leading Executive Recruiter, Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is an accomplished and reputable recruiter who comes from New York and works at the Deutsche Bank. She loves running and likes challenging herself with trendy moves and exercises in her daily routine. She wants other people to learn how to make the moves so that they can benefit and keep fit to as she does. Healthy living is important and reaching the fitness goal is highly attainable. Julie has come up with meals that are rich in nutrients, and she uploads the recipes online for consumers to use so as to benefit.


As a vice president of the Deutsche Bank, she also undertakes her skills as a talent acquisition, executive search, talent manager, corporate recruiter, team leader, behavioral interviewer and an employee trainer and hiring. Her expertise is in human resource, management, coaching, technical recruiting, a conflict resolution, succession management, a staffer among others is impeccable.


On a daily basis, she supports the company that she has been employed in. The branches and groups that she manages are the Global Technology and Operations, Private Wealth and Commercial Clients and Asset Management just to name a few.


She has a degree from the City University of New York in Philosophy and Law Degree from New York Law School. Her career started off in 2002 when she became a Hiring Manager at Hudson. For the five years there she was recruiting managers, attorneys, paralegals and staff members who were to support the company. Her knowledge in Law helped the Hudson Global Resources America Inc. solve their legal matters before heading to court.


Julie left Hudson and went to Citi Global Consumer Bank where she was a recruiter for managing directors and other employees. At Citi Global, she came up with new ways of recruitment like using social media, direct sourcing and employment referrals. Julie was able to look for very skilled employees who were motivated and ready to work. She then left Citi Global and went to New York Life Insurance Company also as a Lead Recruiter. As she was at that company, she was employing the people at various levels and solved planning problems. She is now at the Deutsche Bank as we had seen earlier.


She has hobbies and interests. Julie loves socializing and shows her talents in other areas apart from her work. She is interested in food and cuisine, art, pets, economic discussion topics, human rights activism, research in science and technology. Julie’s hobbies are among others taking nature photographs, and of course running. She has many articles on how to train, lose weight and keep a healthy body that is neither obese nor too thin. Julie Zuckerberg is active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. She is all rounded and loves socializing with friends that are in her life.


As we have seen, Julie Zuckerberg is a top achiever who is always working hard so as to influence the people positively. She is always striving to set records that will help future generations on how to live well and add value to their people.